Following items:

Following items
Dynamis - BastokHydra Corps Eyeglass
Dynamis - WindurstHydra Corps Lantern
Dynamis - San d'OriaHydra Corps Command Scepter
Dynamis - JeunoHydra Corps Tactical Map
Beastmen Stronghold Goblin Perpetual Hourglass

Zone Reward
MonsterKey Item
Angra MainyuHydra Corps Insignia

Capacity64 Members


DRK BodySCH Body
THF LegsBRD Body
WHM BodyCOR Body
RDM BodyDNC Legs
NIN BodyMNK Body
BLU BodyBST Feet
PUP BodySAM Body
RNG FeetBLM Body
SMN BodyPLD Legs
WAR LegsDRG Body





Pull #Notes
001-004 pull 001 or 002 Both will come,, then choose 003 and 004 both come individually
005-008 pull 005 and 006 come at the same time. 006 has a BST (Scorpion). 007-008 come individually 008 has SMN
010-013 010 pops a MNK NM, fight whenever make sure Sentinel is up. 009 pops BST (Crow), 012 pops SMN. 010 Time +15
014-020 DO NOT AGGRO 014 or 015, have LS wait in valley before this area, 014 pops DRG NM, 015 pops BST NM. 017 is RNG, 019 is BRD, 020 is SMN NMs. 020 Time +15
066&031 Blms Timed single nuke these 2. 2x Time +15
039-041 can be pulled without linking, don't worry about it, kite statues till blms are back from timed nuking
042-046 BST pops somewhere in this pull, be ready to take him on. 046 Time +15
021-023 Links like crazy can be pulled wihtout linking, extremely difficult. Not much room to run around. Work fast and clear the monsters. Blms focus on sleeping until monster numbers dwindle.
054&055&057 Pull only these three 056 can be left alone, fairly easy pulls, watch for NM pushback. May have some still weak after 021-023.
058&059&063Pull only these 3 the rest can be left alone, 063 is really far back there keep an eye out for it when pulling. 063 Time +15
064&065&067Since blms sniped 066 (TE) you only need to clear a path to snipe 083, one of these pulls pops a SMN another pops a MNK be ready to handle them.
083Snipe this statue to avoid more annoying Orc NMs. 083 Time +15
085-089 pull 085, then pull 089 (dont aggro 088 otw back to camp), pull 086 (wait until NM is dead), pull 088 (wait until NM is dead), finally 087. 087 Time +15
099-102 you can either have your puller pop everything and have people sleep mobs individually or have 2 nukers each take out one stat, the 1st method kills less people. Quadav statue pops a SMN, Goblin Statue pops a MNK.
103-106 pull in ascending order, yeah there nms but 2 mobs is just 2 mobs
163 have someone with powder boots or Flee run up and aggro (not attack) Angra Mainyu, they must then Flee back to 001's pop. In order to have time to run this distance you should have time remaining of 20 minutes. any less and at about the 7 minute marker you will have to engauge Angra Mainyu, reguardless of the pullers progress. Once the puller gets to 001 he can drop glass and wait for others. As the theif runs by have the tank and healer grab Angra Mainyu with non damaging abilities, every time Angra Mainyu takes damage he recalls his dragons back to himself. Once he is dead have all people who need win check ???. Then drop glasses (1 WHM or BLM can warp / teleport - vhazl out) and reglass everyone, assuming time >30 mins

Mob Order

This zone has every type of monster avialible so this is gonna be a hell of a recap.


Scorpions can be rough with breakga, but rarely will it end a pull, quadav come in small pulls so its not so devastating, in the grand scheme of mobs in the zone Quadav are ranked easiest.

The NMs have that knock back move which normally you'd want to watch out for, but it really doesn't matter. Beaucedine Glacier is so open that your chances of getting hit into something are mathematically insignificant.


Hectaeyes know more than Dispelga. Kill NMs last. Stun every NM TP move regardless of what it is, if you get charmed kite until it wears off.

Luckily for Orcs we manage to Skip about 80% of them by Sniping 083, so its not so bad but NMs still a pain.

Orcs rank 2nd easiest only because we fight so few of them in this zone.


If it wasn't for the Slimes these would probably Tie with orcs. Slimes cast your favorite paralyzga and resist your physical attacks. In addition Goblin dice always manages to surprise.

Like Orcs while it seems we fight goblins for extended peroids of time most of it is just moving, and we fight relatively few NMs when compared to their successor of difficulty. Goblins receive a respectable 3rd most difficult of the zone.


Ah yagudo, good old silencga fucking up the mages. Yagudo aren't so bad though quite a few areas have extremely high densities of yagudo making it difficult to pull them individually. *see 014-020 & 021-023

Yagudo aren't necessarily anymore difficult than the rest, but you fight them in such cramped quarters and they have that AoE stun move, that they get pushed up to 2nd most dangerous monster in the zone.


Finally Last and certainly not least (and i mean that) Hydras. A monster that exists in no other zone other than Beaucedine! Hydras are just a huge pain in the ass in every way. Xarcabard demons are pushovers compared to Hydras, every Hydra pull is as difficult as if you were fighting 3 Xarcabard demon NMs at the same time.
1. Hydras cannot slept
2. Eyes pop hydras, good old Magic casting eyes with Lv5 petrify
3. There are 48 eyes that pop 2~4 hydras each (thats 2x as many of any other beastmen statue)
4. Their drops are not any better than the rest of the monsters in the zone.
5. They move at enhanced movement speed

Other than those 5 reason Hydras aren't so bad. If your going to fight hydras, you best have at least 36 people, that way you can tank 2 hydras at once with 2 tanks and kite the 3rd. seriously though, If your pulling these, make sure you have at least 2 people that can reliably gravity kite these (need movement speed +)

There are 2 TE's in hydra land which is why Beaucedine Glacier always falls short on maximum time. Both are burried in Hydras, and i have never seen them. In order to pop the Attestation NM's for Relic weapons statue/eye? 157 at nue's tower must be killed, most shells flee a thf from 107 to 156 and have 6 blms follow behind the THF, then timed nuke 157 to pop NMs. when i say no one fights these, i mean absolutely no shell ever fights these things.

These hands down receive the #1 most difficult monster family in dynamis award.

Mob order is as follows SMN > BST > BST's pet > BLM, RNG, RDM, BRD > SAM, WAR, DRK, DRG > PLD & THF > DRG Wyvern > NIN > MNK > WHM

Mob Names: NOTE: All Monster's have the Prefix Vanguard, thus it will be ignored in the table