Following items:

Following items
Rank 6
  • Vial of Shrouded Sand
  • Lv 65
  • CoP 3-5 (Darkness Named) complete
Beastmen Stronghold Goblin Perpetual Hourglass

Zone Reward
MonsterKey Item
Apocalyptic BeastDynamis - Buburimu Sliver

Capacity36 Members



DRK HandsSCH Feet
AssassinsVestBRD Head
WHM HeadCOR Hands
Duelist's GlovesEtoileTiara
NIN FeetMNK Legs
Mirage ShalwarMonsterJackcoat
PUP FeetSAM Legs
RNG LegsBLM Hands
SummonersBracersPLD Hands
WAR HandsDRG Feet


AbyssCapeBards Cape
Duelist's BeltKogasarashi
MeleeCapeMirage mantle
Pantin Cape Scout's Belt
SorcbeltValor Cape

Relic -1

DRK hands -1SCH hands -1
THF hands -1BRD hands -1
WHM hands -1COR hands -1
RDM hands -1DNC hands -1
NIN hands -1MNK hands -1
BLU hands -1BST hands -1
PUP hands -1SAM hands -1
RNG hands -1BLM hands -1
SMN hands -1PLD hands -1
WAR hands -1DRG hands -1


Buburimu1 Buburimu2



Pull #Notes
???Before you enter buburimu, assign 3 people to scout out the ???'s that unlock your subjobs, one is at BRD song runes beach, Another is behind the Lighthouse thing to the East of entance. The last 2 are north of the beach you enter Labyrinth of Onzozo. Be sure to avoid aggroing anything.
057Move the alliance to the southern beach when your ready and pull Stollenwurm, he is AoE gravity but mostly hes there to kill time while you wait for subjobs to be found, and people to regather. Defeating Stollenwurm Locks Lodesong
025-037 Have a THF Sac Pull this starting at 028 and running south to Mhaura or just a bit East of it. have the ??? people grab PLD (Te'Zha Ironclad) and THF (Va'Rhu Bodysnatcher) and bring them back to ls.
058While the LS is waiting for THF and PLD NM's pull Koschei and spam dispel once he starts using thornsong, The "damage spikes" deal about 100 damage per proc back to the melees. Defeating Koschei locks Thronsong
056&061while out pulling your puller may catch eye of 061 (Apocalyptic Beast) or 056 (Tarasca), if they spot AB have them follow him, and get another puller to pull the rest of the dragons, DO NOT PULL AB UNTIL ALL THE TARGET DRAGONS HAVE BEEN KILLED! If you spot Tarasca pull im as soon as you can get a clean pull (he links statues). However Do not go looking for these dragons until they are next in the pulling rotation. if you just happen upon them, execute these plans.
059Killing Aitvaras locks out Voidsong (AoE dispel), don't try to rebuff people until the end of the fight, unless your a bard.
056If you havent pulled Tarasca by now your gonna wanna send 2~3 people out to find him. he patrols around the mountain range to teh NW of the beach. if your puller doesnt immediately find Tarasca, have them keep searching, and send someone to the next pull. As for fighting advice This guy has Heavy Stomp, one of the worth TP moves dragons get, its Heavy AoE damage + paralyze. Ignore the paralyze and just keep as many peoples HP up as possible. try to stun him when he readies it (its the only move he uses). Some people may die, its ok hes a rough fight. defeating Tarasca Locks Heavy Stomp.
055Barong is the worst of the worst, hes got Body slam a heavy AoE damaging TP move, same fighting details as Tarasca, try to stun any TP moves he uses. Defeating Barong Locks Body Slam.
061Apocalyptic Beast is the Boss of the Zone, after pulling all the previously mentioned dragons you can move onto this one. Apocalyptic Beast has access to all dragon TP moves and all 2HRs, all the work you have done so far leaves you with these TP moves remaining, (note you will still see him ready the TP moves and 2HRs but they will have no effect)
  • Poison Breath, AoE cone Poison ~50 damage a tick
  • Petro Eyes, AoE cone Petrify (turn back or get a stona)
  • Wind Breath, AoE cone wind damage
  • Flame Breath, AoE cone Fire damage
  • Chaos Blade, AoE cone Dark Damage + Curse (This curse is EXTREMELY Potent taking your tanks down to <300 hp, remove it immediately!)

So with those moves left wait until AB uses Benediction (3rd move in the 2hr Lineup then goto town, if you killed PLD and THF NMs that will allow you to damage him through Perfect Dodge and Invincible. Also during Manafont try to Stun most of those spells, they are always T3 AoE spells. After Benediction melees cna 2hr and have some fun. The most important thing to remember is because the only TP moves he has left are AoE cones, to move out of the way of his front side. If you pull hate stay still and wait for everyone else to move! After AB is taken down farming mobs pop, you get a 1hr TE and check the ??? for win. 061 Time +60

FarmingSince certain mobs drop certain Accessories and the only reason people come to CoP is for accessories, we have devised a rotation so that every job that does drop gets a fair shot at relic. We generally rotate Dhalmels > Cockatrice > Mandragoras > Efts > Ravens > Dhalemls again, doing 2 mobs per rotation. Follow this pattern:
  • Run 1: Dhalmels & Cockatrice
  • Run 2: Cockatrice & Mandragoras
  • Run 3: Mandragoras & Efts
  • Run 4: Efts & Ravens
  • Run 5: Ravens & Dhalmels

Rinse and repeat that roatation

118-128Dhalmels link like candy, fortunately the rock to the NW of camp is great for kiting them. When your puller links (yes its a matter of when not if) have them kite the Dhalmels around the rock and have BLM's sleep 2~3 at a time to fight

Dhalmels drop:

  • Drops Relic -1 hands (any job)
  • WAR DRK BLU Accessories
092-096Cockatrice Will link, there is simply no way to not link them. have someone with flee run through their area and stick to the left wall. They will eventually keep circling around back to camp, just keep cicling until you've killed them all. because the puller will be occupied the whole time its recomended you have your TH not pull cockatrice. Cockatrice have been upgraded:
  • Baleful Gaze is now AoE cone, instead of single target.
  • Sound Vacuum is now AoE Mute, Cannot be removed.

Cockatrice Drop:

  • All Relic -1 hands (any job)
  • BLM PUP DRG Accessories
097-104Mandragoras are the same deal as Cockatrice when pulling, you cannot pull these without linking. Kite them around the mountain to the right until they are all dead.

Mandragoras new TP moves

  • Dream Flower - Same old AoE sleep, but taking damage wont wake you up... Use lolBarsleepra and have mages cure people to wake them up, Cura from WHM is cheap and a fast enough cast.
  • Scream - Went from your good old OMG MND down to AoE Terror, everyone in range will be frozen for a few seconds, just wait it out.

Mandragoras Drop:

  • All Relic -1 hands (any job)
  • BRD NIN Accessories
072-081Nightmare efts link somehwat easily and should be pulled with caution, unlike the last 3 monsters there really is no where to kite these if they link so it becomes a game of not linking them, and if you do, sleeping many as possible and working very quickly. they are resistant to dark based sleeps so CORs WHMs and BRDs help out the blms on sleeping. Also when pulling make sure you provide them a clear path to follow you, they wont alwasy scale the cliffside the way you want, sometimes running around and gathering 5~10 more than you expected.

TP moves:

  • Geist Wall - AoE dispel, dispels 3 buffs
  • Numbing Noise - AoE Stun
  • Nimble Snap - 3 hit move (nothing special)


  • All Relic -1 hands (all jobs)
  • PLD and MNK Accessories
105-117Ravens are something that is oddly powerful in buburimu. I have never pulled these so i don't know the linking issues but mogri never had much trouble coming back with <4 at a time. each one can dish out a substantial amount of damage even if the tank has hate. I recomend that if your fighting ravens that the dd's sub NIN to avoid overstressing the whm's mp. Don't pull if your WHM's MP is <450, they will need it. Every TP move the birds have only does damage, no stat ailments here.

TP moves:

  • Broadside Barrage - AoE damage
  • Blindside Barrage - AoE damage
  • Helldive - AoE Cone damage + knock back


  • All Relic -1 hands (all jobs)
  • RDM and RNG Accessories

Mob Order

Irrelevant section, the monsters you fight dont have jobs.