Leonidus - Jeuno

Dynamis - Jeuno

Following Items
Rank 6
  • Vial of Shrouded Sand
  • Lv 65
Beastmen Stronghold GoblinPerpetual Hourglass

Zone Reward
MonsterKey Item
Goblin GolemHydra Corps Tactical Map

Capacity64 Members


DRK LegsTHF Feet
BRD FeetWHM Legs
COR HandsRDM Legs
DNC FeetNIN Feet
MNK HandsPUP Legs
SAM FeetRNG Head
BLM FeetWAR Hands
DRG Hands


Jeuno1 Jeuno2


Move up the stairs pulling the 1st 2 stats you see, one of which is a TE. at the top of the stairs carefully watch the statues and pull them when you see openings. Move south towards the SE corner and proceed W to the SW corner clearing Upper Jeuno's zone otw. Move North, this area links easily so watch your backs. After you get to the norhtern most point the AH should be to your West and Palace to your East. Clear out the AH and work towards Palace, Move into Palace and clear it out completely. Depending on Time (<30 mins left just move alliance to AH and have a BLM solo teh statue) or (kill it there and move backwards though the palace). After your at the AH, Pull Boss and your done!


Assuming your going to pull the Get the Boss:

Pull #
001-002Can be pulled individually, shouldn't be an issue. 002 Time +30
003-010Take extreme caution when pulling any of these. They link like a kid whos got diabetes to a candy store. 004 Time +30
011-020Straight foward pulling, NM at Upper Jeuno Zone is SMN
021-028Again Take Extreme Caution, another high linking area, can be pulled safely try, 021 > 022 > 025 & 026 > 023 & 204 > 028 & 029. 029 Time +30
029-031Lots of Pops here but small amounts of stats, make sure BLMs are ready to sleepga and kill 3 stats. 029 Time +30
035-041Easily Links, take care again. 3 SMNs will pop from 039. You don't have to pull 041, but chances someone will aggro it anyway from a bit north of 027's position are pretty high, might as well.
032-034Nothing special
045-048Timed Nuke 045, pops 6 mobs. 046-048 might link but watch 049's movement, having an NM at this point can be quite debilitating. 045 Time +30
049-058&065-066Pull one by one, make sure you get all of them. NOTE: 066 will link the ones below it. Make sure you pull all of those before hand.
059-063pull 059, timed nuke 060&061 AoE, time nuke 062&063 Single target at the same time split your blms up. 062&063 pop 6 mobs total.
064 <40mins remaining Move everyone to AH and have 1 BLM solo the statue, Skip down to pull 113
>40mins remaining, Kill 064, repops inside castle
078-085 Pull 1 at a time, all stats refil either HP or MP, and only pop one mob, keep a fast pace
086-088 These 3 pulls can wipe an unprepared alliance. 086 is mostly troublesome if you skip it and pull 087 right away because he does link that pull. You can just pull 086 (hes on the top level). Timed nuke the two remaining stats and be ready to land Sleepgas right after, work quickly targeting NM's last because of their AoE Dice rolls.
067-074 If you have >30 mins left you can pull some statues from the Embassy, Start with 076&077 (from moghouse), then move to 069-072 (from moghouse), then move to 033's position and pull 067&068 + 073-075. If you have time left 098-100 should have popped killing these will reset the Embassy so take care in your position when you kill off the last statue.
113 have a Flee job go down to 020's position and bring a few pullers with you, Have the flee run east along the south wall and make sure they head due East, none of this fancy im gonna run down to 113 so he aggros, HE WILL LINK ON HIS OWN. Flee then runes north and ends up at 033's position. Meanwhile the pullers hit the statue with flash or voke and run back to eh alliance at the AH. 113 time +30
126-129 Arguably the hardest pull in the zone, recommendations are to get the statues down asap, then work on whatever mobs you can b4 you wipe. If your luck you can clear out all the statues in 1 Timed AoE. If not try to clear out the rest b4 you go down. With that done the 8 mobs that popped can be easily AoE slept and pulled 1 by 1 back to the alliance.
121-125 If you still have time left work towards 121, you'll run out of time before you get there.

Mob Order

Goblins are not to rough when it comes to TP moves with the exception of the Dynamis Goblin NM's. Dice roll can either be a huge joke or a problem. you can get hit with some moderate damage +Stun, or silence and slow, or AoE Sleep, or you can get hit with things like poison and Ability recharge. For the reason i recomend killing NM's last, they are tough and Dice Roll can just be a bad card to work against.

The next biggest problem with goblins are their BST pets... Slimes. Not only do they resist Physcial damage like normal slimes but they also cast only paralyzga, which doesnt really turn a pull into an autowipe but is just a pain to try to paralyna off of eveyrone. Fluid Spread also can do some serious damage to mages. For this reason if your blms arent busy you might want to have them nuke down pets or nuke to assist with killing them. The one fortunate thing about BSTs in Jeuno is that there arent many of them, and they never come in a group of 2 or more, its always only 1 BST at a time.

Frypan like Sweep can ruin mages who are kiting statues, so try to be aware of your surrounding when fleeing from a 500 damage crit for that replica.

Mob order is as follows SMN > BST > BST's pet > BLM, RNG, RDM, BRD > SAM, WAR, DRK, DRG > PLD & THF > DRG Wyvern > NIN > MNK > WHM

Mob Names: NOTE: All Monster's have the Prefix Vanguard, thus it will be ignored in the table