Following items:

Following items
Rank 6
  • Vial of Shrouded Sand
  • Lv 65
  • CoP 3-5 (Darkness Named) complete
Beastmen Stronghold Goblin Perpetual Hourglass

Zone Reward
MonsterKey Item
AntaeusDynamis - Qufim Sliver

Capacity36 Members



DRK LegsSCH Legs
THF FeetBards cuffs
WHM LegsCommodore Bottes
RDM LegsDNC Feet
NIN HeadMNK Hands
BLU HandsBST Legs
PUP HandsSaotomeKote
RNG HeadSorcerer's Tonban
SMN FeetValor coronet
WAR HeadDRG Hands


AbyssCapeSCH Acc
Commodore beltDuelist's Belt
MeleeCapeMonster Belt
Pantin Cape Saotome Koshi-ate
Scout's BeltSummonersCape

Relic -1

DRK Feet -1SCH Feet -1
THF Feet -1BRD Feet -1
WHM Feet -1File:COR Feet -1.jpg*No Pic
RDM Feet -1DNC Feet -1
NIN Feet -1MNK Feet -1
BLU Feet -1BST Feet -1
PUP Feet -1SAM Feet -1
RNG Feet -1BLM Feet -1
SMN Feet -1PLD Feet -1
WAR Feet -1DRG Feet -1


Qufim1 Qufim2


Unlike Buburimu and Valkurm, most DD's that will be withing AoE range should be subbing NIN. The Boss, if he turns on a DD, will hit very hard, a few seconds of immunity can mean the world. Also the target monsters for farming have bad AoE's that are absorbed by Utsusemi. You're gonna want shadows.
Start at the lake and clear the north bats, send the ??? checker on his way to find the subjob ???'s. He should check near Light Air and Fire elementals using maps as a reference. By the time he finishes checking the last Fire ??? subjob, the main alliance should have cleared the 2nd group of bats. Move alliance to Water Elemental and kill it. Have someone check the 2 ??? pops near water elemental. If you still dont have subjobs have the ??? checker aggro past a few stats and check the rest of the ???'s before you pull the Kraken NM. Pull and kill the Kraken NM once your subjobs have been restored and your buffs are up.
Move north towards Ice elemental, killing the 3 quadav stats in the way, be ready for a SMN and BST. Avoid the Lower Delkfutt's Tower Entrance and make a wide path around it. If you aggro any snolls kill them. Then kill the Ice elemental watching for ice spikes. and Carefully take out the group of 3 rocs at the entrance to the cave to behemoth's dominion.
If you have enough time (more than 25mins) pull the 2 goblin stats inside, if not have your puller sneak by them and sac pull the Golem NM to the Snoll area. have your alliance fight the Golem against delkfutt's tower on the north side of the entrance.
Once the golem is down move to the south side of delkfutts (without aggroing the entrance yet again) sac pull the boss out and kill him (good luck).
Farm snolls, weapons, and various beastmen around the area until you time out.


Pull #Notes
051-052Have movement Speed+ person pull 052 1st. This will pop 4 bats per pull. Once 052 is pulled sent your ??? hunter out. There are 12 ???'s that are in Qufim, so start hunting! After 052 is dead, immediately pull 051. NOTE:You can kite the bats around the lake easily enough
1st-???After 051 is pulled, check the ???'s near the Light, Air, and Fire elementals. They do aggro sound so keep your distance. They also aggro magic.
2nd-???After 052 is killed move the alliance to the Water elemental's pop, send one out to check the 2 ???'s near Water Elemental.
3rd-???At the death of 052 the checker for 1st-???'s should be done, If you have checked 2nd-??? and still have no subjobs. have someone with RR check the ???'s near Snolls & Ice elemental. Do not move pull 040 without subjobs!
040&043You can move down to 043 by sneaking by either cliffside, Don't aggro 001 or 002. Pull 043 (Water Elemental) 1st as hes gonna aggro magic at some point if you don't. Hes not to rough to kill. After 043 goes down Pull 040 (Scolopendra). 040 is kinda tough, he hits fast and his AoE TP moves hurt alot. His Regeneration is kinda high so dispel when you can, Also Cross attack is now 3 hit instead of 2. Use Penance, Auspice, Monk's Roll, Feint, Angon, and any other heavy merited debuffs to make this guy easier.
003-005Quadav: Your gonna have to pull these. Nothing to hard, with low BLMs just make sure to get 1 statue at a time. there is a SMN and BST in these 3 stats so be ready to handle them accordingly.
048&058Move alliance up to engage these. Make sure to steer clear of 027, aggroing a group of snolls is better than an army of goblins. If you aggro and snolls take them out r/q. Beware of Hypothremic Combustion. 048 is Ice elemental, same as water take him out, make sure to dispel ice spikes. 058 is the worst pull in this zone. they dont link anything but Rocs are the hardest monster to kill in this zone. Their Stormwind is AoE silence + good damage, just use baraera and pray that they go down quick.
032&033If you have more than 25 minutes left (no wipes) you can pull these 2 stats and kill them. If not skip this pull.
042Pull Suttung, if you link anything have the THF head to the snolls while the Alliance waits at the ??? west of 048's original pop. Grab it and kill it.
064Antaeus is the boss of the zone, a Gigas RNG. To pull him sac him out towards the north and have somoen grab him and pull him south towards the alliance. This gigas only has one enhanced TP move:
  • Trebuchet - AoE damage, is absorbed by shadows.
  • Regular Gigas TP moves.

Most of the Antaeus' power comes from his passive abilities that the NM's of the zone hold power over.

  • Elemental Resistance: Each elemental in the zone allows your nukes to do damage of that element type. Since we focused on Ice and Water that's what your BLM's are gonna wanna nuke with.
  • Auto-Regen: Has very high auto-regen, Defeating Scolopendra locks this out.
  • High damage: His very hard, Defeating Stringes locks this out. (they are by Port Jeuno, hes gonna deal lots of damage, be ready for it)
  • Damage Cap: Initially the damage you can hit for will not exceed 100. and will be scaled down considerable. Killing our Golem friend Suttung lowers his defense.

So the plan to beating this guy is to let the tank establish some hate on the boss (as he is subbing NIN) before engauging. damage it slowly until the tank can no longer hold hate, then go all out and hope it dies before you do.

FarmingKill Snolls and Weapons to get all types of Accessories.

Mob Order

Irrelevant section, the monsters you fight dont have jobs.