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Rank 6
  • Vial of Shrouded Sand
  • Lv 65
Beastmen Stronghold GoblinPerpetual Hourglass

Zone Reward
MonsterKey Item
Overlord's TombstoneHydra Corps Command Scepter

Capacity64 Members


SCH HandsBRD Head
WHM HeadCOR Legs
RDM FeetNIN Legs
MNK LegsBLU Hands
BST LegsPUP Feet
RNG LegsSMN Feet
PLD HandsWAR Feet
DRG Feet


Sandoria1 Sandoria2


Work Towards the Fountain and clear it out. Take out the stat at the Tavern for some Time, and dispatch the 3 MNK pops quickly. Work down West street Till you reach the fork that connects the East Street. Carefully pull 025-027 same with reverse side 063-065 as not to link the rest of the gate, its your best judgement as to how to do this. I'm still figuring it out >_<. After you Clear DRG Gate work towards Northern Sandoria Zoneand pop north and around towards SMN gate. Pull carefully and clear out SMN gate. Work your way up towards Count Caffaule's Manor to get the NIN TE, Take care around the Leathercrafting guild, as lots of BSTs pop. Think of someway to Deal with them. Afterwards find small pulls to finish up the run and kill time.


Some pulls are tricky: check this thread for some info on them.

Assuming your going to pull the All TE's + Boss for San d'Oria:

Pull #
001-005Simple Pulling, each pops about 2~3 mobs
0063x MNKs be ready for HF
007-014Upon pulling 013 your going to link the remainder of the road so be ready for some monsters. 007&009 2x Time +15
022-024Nothing special, 3x stats might be a bit stressful?
025-033025-027 should be pulled while looking down their respective tunnels, Wait till statues 028-030 turn around b4 pulling. 026 Time +25
DRGIn the event you've killed 025-030 without linking, AoE nuke the last 3 statues, Kill DRG last, assign RDMs and SCHs to focus just on NM
037-048Simple pulls, 041-044 pop SMNs so take care when fighting, 038&047 are 2x BSTs so watch out there too. 041 Time +30
061&063-071061 popped because DRG was killed, Same deal as DRG gate, only around 065 be more prepared for a gate link. 064 Time +25
SMNYour some kinda genius to not link SMN gate, AoE the remianing 3 stats, Kill NM last, have BLM's watch his avatar (usually Leviathan)
109Boss pull, Sac pull down west entrance to chocobo stables, and back up through east side. if you want Sac puller can end up at 148's

Location for an easy raise.

073-076Pull 074 1st followed by 073 > 075, when pulling 075 watch 077's movement, at some point 076 will come down but the RNG trio he pops doesn't link. 074 Time +10
077-079If you didn't link this already then pull as carefully as you can, after 079 it's recommended you kill the 3 RNGs popped from 076.
080This usually links before i get this far, i dont know what this pops...
084&125These 2 are a bitch, Timed nuke the Top one (084) 1st, then Timed nuke the bottom (125) 2nd, Have the BLMs move back without sleeping the pops. Pull the 3 DRG's after the stats are down and the patrolling stat isn't around.
081-083This is the toughest pull in the Zone. They pop an unreal amount of BST's, AoE nuke 081 as the Patrolling stat comes into range. try to control the Pets while you kill the bsts, If your going to wipe kill as many BSTs as you can, if the BST is dead when they retreat the pet depops.
085generally doesn't link the previous pull but will aggro if you get close to it, pops 2 more BST's
086&124124 pops 3 SMNs, 086 pops nothing, deal with them normally
087&088Kill these 2 and ignore anything on the catwalk above
090-092Still ignoring the Catwalk kill these next 3 statues
093-NIN Sac pull 093 to 055's Position, have LS waiting on the top of 064's position, upper section, have PLD grab NIN at 075's Position and drag it back to LS. NIN Time +30
Move LS into 093's position and kill stat, 094&095 pop along with 4 NINs + NIN NM, KILL NM last and you shouldn't have trouble. NIN Time +30

Mob Order

Orcs are tough because of 2 reasons. In San d'Oria they link like candy, and the NMs have the move Fanatic Dance, which is AoE Charm. Since if everyone gets charmed (which should be happening anyway) the NM will move back to its spawn its recommended that you kill any Orc NM last so when you uncharm you don't get murdered by the unkilled masses. Suggested everyone stun any tp move you see the NM's ready. Also WHMs could throw up auspice and cor's could use Monk's Roll to lower TP given to mobs, If you have MNK's with Penance Meritted have then hit it with a chi blast at the start of the fight to lower its TP gain even further. Everyone should stand in AoE range for Fanatic Dance in case it gets off as long as everyone's charmed no one dies. Note: PLD's (specifically the main target) of fanatic dance seem to stay charmed longer than most other jobs. Bear this in mind when everyone uncharms, have a backup provoker ready. One strategy if your Nuking heavy 6+ nukers is to nuke down the NM reducing his TP gain greatly but seeing as how DRG and SMN pulls are so tough on BLMs to begin with this usually isn't an option.

2nd reason orcs suck is their damn pet is dark based. Hectaeyes pets not only have access to the spell Dispelga but can cast Fire 4, Flare, and Firaga 3 making them more dangerous then Crows or Scorpions. along with the aforementioned linking issue, having these pets wander around during big pulls can end up causing a wipe. Try to hunt them down as soon as the BSTs are dead!

Mob order is as follows SMN > BST > BST's pet > BLM, RNG, RDM, BRD > SAM, WAR, DRK, DRG > PLD & THF > DRG Wyvern > NIN > MNK > WHM

Mob Names: NOTE: All Monster's have the Prefix Vanguard, thus it will be ignored in the table