Following items:

Following items
Rank 6
  • Vial of Shrouded Sand
  • Lv 65
  • CoP 3-5 (Darkness Named) complete
Beastmen Stronghold Goblin Perpetual Hourglass

Zone Reward
MonsterKey Item
Cirrate ChristelleDynamis - Valkurm Sliver

Capacity36 Members



Abyss SolleretsSCH Hands
THF HeadBRD Feet
WHM FeetCOR Legs
RDM FeetDNC Hands
NIN LegsMeleeGaiters
BLU FeetBST Head
PUP LegsSAM Feet
RNG HandsBLM Feet
SMN LegsPLD Feet
WAR FeetWyrmBrais


AssassinsCapeBards Cape
ClericsbeltCommodore belt
Etoile capeKogasarashi
MeleeCapeMirage mantle
Saotome Koshi-ateSorcbelt
SummonersCapeValor Cape

Relic -1

DRK Head -1SCH Head -1
THF Head -1BRD Head -1
WHM Head -1COR Head -1
RDM Head -1File:DNC Head -1.png*No Pic
NIN Head -1MNK Head -1
BLU Head -1BST Head -1
PUP Head -1SAM Head -1
RNG Head -1BLM Head -1
SMN Head -1PLD Head -1
WAR Head -1DRG Head -1


Valkurm1 Valkurm2



Pull #Notes
021-023Unlike Qufim or Buburimu, Valkurm and Tavnazia require monsters to be killed to obtain subjobs. For Valkrum the 3 nightmare flies must be killed to unlock subjobs. Assign 3 people to split up and find these flies. Give them glass 1st and have them "Safely" pull the flies back to the Outpost. I don't think they link but i have seen a few sheep come with one, once.
001-005Move LS immediately to Whitebone Sands. Possibly pull statues 002-003, if a link cannot be avoided. When the path is clear pull 005, Fairy Ring (NOTE: Fairy Ring moves at a constant Flee Speed, pull with Flee). Fairy Ring is not an item, yeah i know i thought the same thing. I highly recommend you have a PLD tank this guy with Rampart, Fealty, and Shell 5 up. His attacks are mostly magic(ish) based and can be brought down damage wise by those. His poison is also 50hp/tick. Take him out as fast as possible, People will die but its not an issue. Get them up and Move out to next camp when Fairy Ring is down, they will unweaken before you get there.
020Move carefully towards Konschtat Highlands, You'll run into some Quadav Statues. To be honest, im not sure if you can sneak by these or if when i did this we used to sac them. If you cant sneak by them have one person run towards Konschtat with the quadav entow, and have another drag back 020 towards LS. 020's Name is Nant'ina, 020 has a TP move called Attractant which acts as AoE charm (yep like a big orc) as usual just try to stun any TP move it readies and knock it out fast.
024Boss time, bit shorter than Buburimu? not really the distance you have to travel takes most of the time. Cirrate Christelle has been up since you showed up in Valkurm just sitting at Selbina's Zoneline. Fight her at the Trees to your right of the NM to avoid reaggroing pops after she dies. So what are we up against. The TP moves this mosnter would use had you killed nothing would be:
  • Extremely Bad Breath - Instant KO, yeah you just die, CC can open with this attack, have a smn or /smn throw a pet at it to see what it does 1st.
  • Fragrant Breath - AoE Charm
  • Miasmic Breath - AoE Poison (Deadly)
  • Putrid Breath - Deals Damage
  • Vampiric Lash - Drains TP and MP

In addition it can have:

  • Enhanced movement speed
  • 2 Nightmare Morbols - Don't depop after death, you can either kill them 1st or after the boss goes down, for me we just ignored them.

After the 2 NMs we killed we locked out:

  • Fragrant Breath - AoE Charm
  • Miasmic Breath - AoE Poison (Deadly)
  • Enhanced Movement Speed

We are still Left with:

  • Extremely Bad Breath - Instant KO
  • Putrid Breath - Deals Damage
  • Vampiric Lash - Drains TP and MP

So from this point you go all out, Everyone 2hrs and you try to take it down as fast as possible. I've never actually killed this boss, and maybe only fought it once or twice. But 3 BRDs with Soul Voice and a RDM Chainspell stunner should be able to kill it pretty fast.

FarmingValkurm's Drops are setup much teh same way as Qufim's. 1/2 the monsters in teh zone drop 1 set of armor the other 1/2 drop the other set.
  • Manticores & Sheep drop: WAR WHM BLM THF SAM BLU
  • Sabotender & Hippogryphs drop: PLD BST BRD NIN SMN COR DNC

Having never gotten this far i havent really made any cool plans like in buburimu but i'd probably just fight Manticores near and north of Siren sands and Hippogryphs near and above Whitebone sands, Then see how much time we have left.

  • Sabotenders have 2000, 4000, and 10000 needles added to their TP moves.
  • Sheep use Sheep song frequently and have a new TP move Sheep Bleat that causes a slow that overwrites haste. They also regain TP while asleep making when they wake up a nasty experience for BLMs.
  • Manticores have AoE Max MP Down (Riddle), and have Kirin like TP generation.
  • Hippogryphs have Jettura kicked up to an AoE Terror, they also move faster than players do.

Pick your poison i suppose.

Mob Order

Irrelevant section, the monsters you fight dont have jobs.