What is kParser

Guy who made kParser: Kinematics (allakhazam forums)
A parser is a program that captures the chat data you see in your chat log and analyzes it to figure out what it means (eg: who hit, or missed, what, and when, etc). It then presents that information to the user in various ways to make it easier to see what happened in the game over a period of time.

KParser itself has progressed over the years to be able to provide a great many views into the data in order to best help people test and review their performance in combat (both offensively and defensively), as well as other details such as buffs and debuffs, loot drops, a history of party/linkshell/etc chat, translations of said chat for foreign language text, and miscellaneous other things that people have wanted to better understand, or just a more convenient way of getting the results.

What we use it for

I use kParser to confirm coin amounts after the run, and to parse damage healing, and enfeebling to distribute extra points. Its also a great tool to gauge how well of a job you do than others. You can then see who does better than you and learn their secrets to improve your own abilities.

Does SE Approve of this

This is a grey area that so many of us live in for ffxi. We all know SE does not approve of third party programs of any kind. This program would qualify as such. So if you choose to use it, use it at your own risk. That being said, as long as you don't go into Whitegate telling everyone how you use a 3rd party program parser, SE can't find out. the parser Parses things on your computer from your hardware, SE cannot see this and even if they were able to it would be a major privacy issue.

Where do I get this?

The guy who wrote this has it for download here.
To download the program without an install (just the Zip) check here
To download the program with an install check here
To get the saved Parse Data from the shell check here