Status: Kicked

Reason: Oh where to start. this guy was an utter failure with a capital F. His THF didn't have TH3, he would constantly show up to runs late, and proceed to complain about not being able to sponser. When something dropped that he was outbid for he would complain to the ls, the person who outbid him, and send tells that got quite heated to others including the leader. Decided to camp NMs instead of showing up to a run on time (which there is nothing wrong with) and proceeds to complain the entire run about how much he puts and and how he gets nothing in return. This is the only member of LowDropRates to ever be kicked without having broken a single rule. However the shell runs so much smoother without him.
NOTE: It's common fun to ask if it's too late to sponser. This guy would always ask this 30mins into a run