Trial of the Magians is a new type of quest that came out during the March update. It allows you to semi-customize (select from a list) augments for predefined level 75 weapons. These weapons (unlike most of what SE adds) are very useful endgame. There is a Gun and Bow that shoot 2 arrows ~45% of the time, weapons that Occasionally attack twice, any weapon can be made to lower enemy stats or boost your own stats in a specific area. There are even weapons that rival that of the coveted Hagun. There is also a staff that gives +15% cure potency! Something for everyone!

How do I build such a weapon?

As fun as it would be for me to explain all the details about building the weapon itself someone has already gone and done it for me. Check out the ffxiclopidea page here: Trial of the Magians

How I plan to spend your Thursday nights

So after deciding i wanted to do this i realized the only day i have off endgame is Tuesday and Thursday. So i figure from 6:00pm EST to say 10:00pm EST we can do this.
With those times slots we work on one weapon at a time upgrading them till they are either finished or at a point where the individuals can easily finish them.
Without fighting T3 VNM's we can fully build any weapon that doesn't Occasionally attack twice with DMG+ augments on it.
So if your Thursday nights are free and this seems like something that might interest you, check out the link above as to what weapons you want and let me know. I'll start making a list of what were going to build and what order we will build them in.

Interested Members


Weapons of Interest

All the weapons below are just a fraction of the weapons that we could build with the Magian trials. Apparently SE said that when the level cap raises for the June 2010 update, they will expand the Trials that can be done, so you should be able to continue these weapons and make them even stronger.
I chose most of these weapons based on the jobs that can equip them and what exists out there atm. Most of the weapons come close to par or exceed what is out on the market now. So pick one of these or use the link above to check for even more augments.

*Note: I'm not including the following weapons only because they are not better than weapons easy to obtain on the market now, however their add effect procs should still be considered.

  • Dagger
  • Hand-to-Hand
  • Katana
  • Club
  • Gun


Great Katana


Great Axe

Scythe *Note: Addition effects on Scythe Proc 50% of the time

Great Sword *Note: No pics with augments so I'm gonna type them out.
Weapon Augments
Albion DMG:+10

Brand d'arcon

DMG:+15 Delay:-15 STR+4 Attack+12
DMG:+15 Delay:-15 DEX+4 Accuracy+8
DMG:+18 Delay:-10 Additional Effect: Impairs Evasion
DMG:+18 Delay:-10 Additional Effect: Weakens Defense

Bows *Note: Eurytos' Bow is not a Magian weapon, its simply here for the convenience of comparison