Hello, I'm Upbeat. Also known as Upbeatglitch, if you remember me from back in the day. I've been playing ffxi since the Xbox 360 beta.

Goals with LDREdit

1: Obtain a Relic(Annihilator)

2: Finish Koga(NIN) set

3: Finish Koga +1 set

4: Finish Scout(RNG) set

Upbeat's AccomplishmentsEdit

I've always gone more for the solo side of FFXI, starting out my first job was BST. Now I can't get enough of it doing almost everything I can solo.

Here is a list of what I would call my greatest accomplishments so far in FFXI.

1: Obtain a Kraken club.

2: Solo Cactrot Rapido on Ninja.

3: Stay up playing for 73 hours.

Here is a list of solos I've done with mostly NIN because I really enjoy how you can use NIN in so many situations.

  • Cactrot Rapido
  • KSNM 30 Contaminated Colosseum
  • BCNM 60 Wild Wild Whiskers
  • Cemetery Cherry
  • Serket
  • Roc
  • Bune
  • Amikiri
  • Ungur
  • Pallas
  • Alkyoneus
  • Zoraal Ja's Pkuucha
  • Jaded Jody
  • Lumber Jack
  • Phantom worm
  • Emergent Elm
  • Ose
  • Baronial Bat
  • Pelican
  • Wamoura Prince
  • Mamool Ja Conservator
  • Greater Amphiptere
  • Lindwurm
  • Energetic Eruca
  • Peallaidh
  • All Avatars
  • Fenrir
  • All ZM up to 14(Besides Tonberry fight ZM4)